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Thinking of Buying New Shoes?-Now’s the time


ADIDAS FLAT 40% off! REEBOK flat 40% OFF!  NIKE up to 40% off!!!

hurry now!

As I recently bought my new BBall shoes (Floater 08’s by the way)which I have been planning to for the last 3 months I became quite familiar with the shoe market at least in India. This January 7th to 20th  is the perfect time for you to buy a new pair of kicks. I mean with Adidas at 40%flat off and Reebok too 40% flat off its a win-win situation. The only flip side to the happy coin was NIKE – with a mere up to 40% off it sure dissapoints. the biggest discounts are only on apparel and the range of shoes is not too great which is really sad as  last year round they had a flat 50% off. What is the logic behi8nd the move is what is inconceivable and only the corporates can tell you that, but as far as i am concerned there is absolutely no logic to abjuring from a clearance sale at 40 if not 50 percent off.

Well, I GUESS nike had to be the black sheep in the pack . Co-incidentally  Nike has had a recent drop in image if not in sales in India. The earlier image of NIKE until mid-2008 was of a premiere brand and people would swear by it. But these days the focus and attention of the peeps has shifted to adidas(thank god people have finally realised German goods are much more refined than crude American).With adidas going for a huge makeover with a lovely ad campaign lineup , it has emerged as the primary performance footwear and apparel manufacturer(except for maybe in cricket).Considering that adidas has bought out reebok i guess it should be able to monopolize the Indian market completely very soon.Good Luck to nike and Kudos to adidas!


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  1. why dont u officially do the marketing for such brands?? u’d make a great salesman!!

    Comment by Agrim | January 20, 2009 | Reply

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